I get it.

It has been ingrained in us to continually work on what we aren’t good at. But what if always trying to improve upon something is the exact thing holding us back from everything else?

For example:

– If you cannot bring yourself to pack your meals into separate containers, don’t. Just make stuff in bulk & take what you need. Tupperware can be so unappealing.⁣

– Trying to create a “morning routine” for years that includes journaling by the ocean or on a deck overlooking a nice view? It’s ok just to get up and drink coffee & start your day.⁣

– If logging food gives you anxiety because of all the ingredients, then making food that has a very low list of ingredients will give you more wins. ⁣

– If you are trying to find the “best” time to exercise, just do it when you can. There is no “best” time- it’s actually when you can complete the task. ⁣

– Having trouble getting workouts done? Hate the feeling of not knowing what you’ll do in the gym? Hire a coach. Even if you yourself are a coach.⁣

I suck at cleaning, I hate administrative tasks, washing my truck, and eating out of Tupperware. I outsource all those things (except the food I just make in bulk). There is no sense in trying to pretend I want to spend time learning how to navigate programs I don’t get, or cleaning the house 2x a day. This takes away from time I can spend on other things I am actually good at- short blocks of intense work, project creation, client interaction & programs, etc.⁣

Are there things you struggle with that take more time than they are worth? Are there things you can hire someone to do our outsource? ⁣

Yes it costs money, but so does not being able to give 100% to the things you really succeed at.⁣

Time to keep drinking my cold brew!

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