The answer, of course, is yes.

People ask me how I marry golf fitness and hormone optimization.

To them it seems like two completely different arenas.

In actuality, they are so highly correlated it only makes sense to me to bring it to the attention of men everywhere who may be suffering from hormonal imbalances, only to be told they are depressed or given medication for another “issue.”

Think of what golf is:

A sport of consistent decision making, explosive athletic movements, mental clarity, physical endurance, only to name a few.

Guess what hormone influences ALL those?


It is the winning hormone.

It gives you vitality.

It’s what makes a man, a man.

Signs that a hormonal imbalance could be brooding over you:

• Suddenly hesitating on decisions that used to be easy to make on the golf course
• Getting fatigued earlier than the 12th hole
• Wanting to just pass out when you get home instead of playing with your kids and wife

Taking the cart more often than before?

You don’t have to blame it on age.

So where does one start?

Lifestyle factors will ALWAYS win. TRT will NEVER be the solution to any of the above if you aren’t sleeping, training, and eating in a way that is in favor of your goals, not against.

It’s not too late to get that feeling back for this season and to get that bounce back in your step when you drive it past your friends.

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