I recently gave a talk to 50 adults over 40 about metabolism, specifically about what happens when our hormones shift and things feel like they’re going sideways when we are “doing everything right” in our mind.

Don’t forget that there are more variables than just diet and exercise when it comes to fat loss.

Our lives provide us with daily stimulation and stressful situations.

If you are dieting and training intensely, and not seeing the results that you want… it’s for a reason.

We can’t live in a calorie deficit long-term, as that is a huge stress to our metabolism.

Your metabolism really doesn’t really care about you wanting to look good for the summer. All your body cares about is keeping you alive!

It will shut down all unnecessary processes and will actually make more cortisol. That stress hormone that doesn’t play nice when chronically elevated, suppressing that precious testosterone and estrogen.

Are you still feeling lost as for what you need to do to improve your quality of life and results?

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