Last week I did a post on things that affect scale weight, many of which I must remind clients about weekly 🙂⁣

But there are some additional factors that we may not think about, & those to consider are:⁣

– TRT (For both Men and Women): If you have just started testosterone replacement, you may notice the scale jump a few lbs, but it is nothing to panic about, it is just water at first, then over time you will notice the scale may not change or go up but your body composition is completely different, as there are receptors in muscle tissue for testosterone so it increases muscle growth⁣

– Shark Week Things (For Women):  Increased estrogen at mid cycle/ovulation as estrogen can causes water retention, and also the first day of full flow has been shown to yield the highest amount of fluid retention in *most* women. Aren’t female hormones fun?⁣

– Medications: There is a massive list, but always helps to Google which ones deplete electrolytes, which can mess with the bodies overall balance causing water weight fluctuations.⁣

– Diuretics: Whether you have taken pharmaceutical ones or herbal ones like dandelion leaf, it will create a water weight loss & reduce scale weight, however the body is smart & may try to retain water in response to this.⁣

– Flying: When travel picks up again keep this in mind. The air pressure affects fluids & gases in our bodies. Commonly people become constipated & more poop volume will surely lead to increased scale weight.⁣

– Stress levels: Increased stress = water retention, and we know very well by now that increases the scale weight!⁣

I encourage you to look at scale weight as just a number and piece of data. Focus on progress photos, biometrics (measurements, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose, etc.) & performance in the gym like we do during my consultations, because they are far more reliable to gauge & predict body composition changes & your personal progress!